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There has been lots of press surrounding pure hair in the past 12 months. Read this Forbes article in regards to the natural hair-care motion and how Hollywood A-lister Gabrielle Unionand a highschool wrestler, Andrew Johnson, have been hair-shamed. Here’s another article entitled, Black Hair Defined that you’ll find interesting. International Women’s Day has been celebrated for properly over a century. The first IWD gathering in 1911 was supported by over a million individuals.

Fashion History

More cash allowed them to travel more and broaden their horizons culturally and aesthetically. Naturally they returned with suitcases full of the most recent fashions being worn overseas. Flat footwear, sandals, heels and pumps with rounded toes and female lines have been worn by ladies in the 1950s. Saddle sneakers, white lace up footwear with brown or black leather accents, have been additionally well-liked for each men and women. Canvas basketball shoes (high-tops) or black leather-based oxfords were worn by men. Suede sneakers also enjoyed moments of popularity throughout this decade.

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In the Nineteen Sixties, black slip-on boots were well-liked for women and men, and heels turned thinner on pumps. Vinyl boots, moccasin-style loafers with extensive heels, wedge heels, and slip-on heels with leather cut-out patterns had been all popular in the 1970s. Sandals and western type cowboy boots had been also well-liked with each men and women. Changes in skirts and costume fashion have changed and varied dramatically between the Nineteen Twenties to the present, as well as within each decade. In 1920, only some years after World War I, skirt and dress hemlines rose and waist traces lowered to the hip. These adjustments accompanied the boyish flapper fashions that marked the Twenties as a decade of decadence and enjoyable.

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