Centerpieces ideas for your wedding

Whether it is a big-budget wedding or a simple one, a wedding always has to be elegant. Not only must the bride and groom and the guests wear their best outfits, but also the tables must be well dressed. This is what centerpieces are for. Let your Wedding planner Miami take charge of all this!


Ideas for centerpieces




Flowers will always be a popular choice for weddings. Whether you decide to have your wedding at an elegant venue or in a quaint garden, flowers can help create the ambiance you want. While traditional flower arrangements like bouquets and swags of greenery are common, they don’t have to fall into one category – think outside the box! 


Try decorating glasses with flowers or lace ribbons. Use bottles (wine bottles even!) as candle holders, or try using smaller vases to fill up larger ones that might not be full otherwise – it creates a layered effect and works well with many flowers like lilies, roses, hydrangeas…etc.!


Second-hand items


Wedding decor can prove to be very expensive, so to save money, consider using garden resale shops or bric-a-brac shops such as vintage markets and car boot sales. They have a huge range of personal items that people usually look to get rid of when they move house or have other reasons for disposing of their possessions. 


Another way of saving money is by getting creative and repurposing objects you already have at home. For instance, consider using plates as table decorations! We recommend using white, gold, black, or metallic colors and candles for these wedding centerpieces.


Another clever idea is to buy inexpensive imitation flowers instead of the authentic ones as they look equally good and can save you a lot of money!

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